Wild & Scenic Mokelumne Update

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Have some items you can spare for our office?
As you spring clean your home or office, perhaps you’ll find you have a few things that might help us out. Since we’re a low-budget, grassroots group, we greatly appreciate donated fixtures, furniture, and equipment. And you can take a tax-deduction for their fair market value, too.

Right now, our needs include:

  • Office chairs/computer chair
  • Metal shelving for basement
  • Interior shelving for books, manuals, and those oh-so-thick EIRs

In recent months, we’ve had some of our wishes granted. We want to thank Lynn Morgan and Pat Minyard for donating a computer and Kelsi Williams and Marta Johnson for donating file cabinets.

If you have any of these items and would like to donate them to Foothill Conservancy, please call Carolyn at 223-3508 or send her an e-mail. When social distancing constraints are lifted, we’d be happy to accept these at our office or arrange to pick them up from you.

THE FOOTHILL CONSERVANCY  |  35 Court Street, Suite 1   Jackson, CA¬† 95642  |  209-223-3508